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 Application/Recruit Magicians ^_^

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Application/Recruit Magicians ^_^ Empty
PostSubject: Application/Recruit Magicians ^_^   Application/Recruit Magicians ^_^ Icon_minitimeSun 18 Apr 2010 - 11:57

1.Where do you live? country : The Netherlands
2.How old are you? : 14 years <3
3.Female/Male? : Male
4.Are you able to speak, write and understand English for ventrilo and in game communication. And do you own a mic and use it? : I do , i talk in ventrile / teamspeak / or skype
5.Is your computer stable for gunz? No fps lag? : Nope , i can play with msn on ,and skype or teamspeak or ventrillo on , and no lagg Smile
6.What kind of Internet connection do you have? : ehh HighSpeed 85

1. What's your characters ingame name? Your IRL name would be nice to know too : IGN= Ammontillado IRN= Mike ^^
2.How long you have played gunz? Skill usually don't matter how long u played but it does show how experienced you are : i am playing it for the 5th year now.
3.What's your goal in GunZ? : Be nice and learn skills.
4.Do you have any experience in gunz tournaments or clans? If u do, please name them and your characters in them.: I did play tourneys but we lost in final , with Ammontillado.
5.Why did you leave your last clan?: Because it's deleted.
6.When you can play? How often do you play? I play to much xD in weekend on one day like 8 hours or more o.o. Normal day with school ehh 4 hours.
7.Are you able to buy gcoins to get prems when needed? Ofcourse , if i need , i will buy it.
8.A replay of you playing vs anyone basically. The better the opponent is the easier it is for us to make a choice. : Look at my youtube , just uploaded some videos for fun.
: www.youtube.com/TheHyull

1.Do you know anyone in magicians? friends? Yes, i think some people knows me from magicians.
2.Why did you choose to make a application to magicians clan? Because this clan is a good clan to talk with and it's just a nice clan and pro..
3:Why should we invite you, what can you offer to us that some other random dude can't? I'll be there for you if u need me.
4.What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses as a GunZ player? : My strengths are my moves and sometimes aim ,and Teamwork. : Weaknesses are sometimes i die fast , but i can run away good if i need.
5.Anything else you want to add to your application? -
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Application/Recruit Magicians ^_^
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